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A recognized leader in broadband data, voice and image communications.
Management had limited organizational resources to successfully deploy strategic partner
     marketing relationships.

Sales of consumer calling plans online had declined.
Initial media plans had not been refreshed based on actual performance data or testing.
Creative units across various plans were limited to 468x60 banners.
Research demonstrated that customers acquired through online channels spent
      approximately 20% more on long distance services than other customers.
Client had established 19 strategic partner marketing programs.

Reassess actual and potential value of each partner to client so that limited resources
     could be allocated to top performing relationships.
Expand overall reach of individual partner media plans by increasing the type and number of
     ad unit placements online as well as integrating offline marketing initiatives.
Encourage distribution behavior of existing customer base by providing saving incentives to
     customers who referred new customers to client.
Assess the marketing value of promotions, sweepstakes and coupons as incentives to drive
     desired behavioral objectives.
Generate awareness through integrated marketing vehicles to achieve desired reach within
     key target segments and markets.
Utilize marketing partner’s brand as an umbrella to introduce private-label services.

Worked with media properties to negotiate new placement opportunities for client while
     staying within the contractual framework of the original deals.
Expanded the number of creative units and ad formats to include ad inserts in e-newsletters,
     stand-alone e-mails, rich media formats (HTML, Enliven, Shockwave), and contextual ad units.
Introduced a testing program to assess the impact of a $25 consumer goods coupon to test
     the effectiveness of a direct mail incentive to increase “first-calls.”
Identified premium inventory to boost short-term sales as well as to increase the overall
     caliber of inventory.
Placements were based on a selection criteria developed to provide the greatest potential for
      reaching the target audience and driving the desired behavioral objective.
Creative design was enhanced with a testing program to assess ad formats, use of color,
      call-to-action, position of gifs, and benefit statements among others.

Two major partner contracts were restructured based on placement requests and the total
      number of partner programs was reduced to 11.
Overall sales increased by 12% and coupon offer increased first-calls by 27.2%.
Creative performance increased by 83.3%.
Premium inventory increased by as much as 25%.
Private-labeled calling service authorized by client and major marketing partner.