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Leading global provider of web identity services.
Senior management needed an aggressive e-commerce strategy.

Existing online direct selling program consisted of limited banner-only media placements.
Customer knowledge was not being applied to enhance campaign effectiveness.
Acquisition costs were considered too high due to poorly defined performance standards and a
     narrowly applied testing methodology.
Previous experience with online media agency resulted in limited or no demonstrable results.
IT, marketing and design members of team were not collaborating to produce results.

Develop an effective integrated media program with quantifiable results, both for increasing sales
     and strengthening brand awareness.
Introduce decision-making tools to sustain and optimize effective placements and to
     demonstrate return on investment (ROI) through multiple metrics.
Provide client with a rich, interactive and influential context to market their products including
     the creation of a “concierge” program to allow the client to establish and develop long-term
     relationships with customers across multiple media vehicles through the prospect’s current
     relationship with a media property.
Facilitate dialogs across the entire team to encourage participation so that individuals clearly
     understood the “big picture” and providing a framework for planning and problem solving.

The first step was to accurately define the target audience. Proprietary research resources
      were utilized to develop a model of prospective Web services customers. This group was then
      evaluated to identify potential customers' demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle
      characteristics to create a behavior profile of media consumption habits.
Explored opportunities to synergize the clients' products and brand with the site's content and
     audience to effectively match relevant interests and needs of the audience.
Ongoing optimization of targeted category placements so that ad positions were delivering the
      lowest possible cost per acquisition.
Served as liaison to two creative development agencies to establish a testing matrix so that
      creative effectiveness could be measured and key learning applied to future creative
Held information sharing meetings so that individuals on team could plan to support future
      elements of program.

Qualified prospects enticed by the campaign accounted for a 76% decrease in the cost to
      acquire a customer as cumulative sales increased by 66.7%.
The media campaign's ROI peaked at 317.7% over the course of the program.
Site targeting provided additional information about our client's core audience.
Creative performance increased by 122.6%.
Expanded reach utilizing relevant multi-channel placements as well as building-in e-mail
      acknowledgement communications to support branding objectives.